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The African Women’s Movement (AWM) is a non-profit organisation headquartered in South Africa that advocates for the increase of women in key decision making positions. We currently have over 10 000 women professionals in our network across South Africa. The organisation comprises of four core advocacy groups to support its mandate, namely:

  1. Women In Corporate (WIC) – for women who are in corporate;
  2. Women In Government (WIG) – for women who are in government;
  3. Women In Business (WIB) – for women who are entrepreneurs;
  4. Women In Art (WIA) – for women in the arts and creative industries.


Our vision is to be the African change agent that prepares emerging women professionals to occupy leadership roles of influence and power.


Our mission is to significantly stimulate the pipeline of intellectual and capable women leaders who will contribute to economic success of Africa with purpose and confidence.


AWM Frank Talk – this is a session where attendees have no choice but to interact with each other. A topic is communicated a month prior to the session and tackled in a three stage format which is conducive to facilitated networking:

AWM Business For Breakfast – this is a stimulating industry-focused breakfast session featuring a specific industry leader in the industry of focus.

AWM Beyond The Book Club – this meeting is for members to meet in the name of information sharing where titles that tackle topics of leadership, empowerment, success etc. are discussed over cake and tea. The book titles are communicated in advance to the book members who share their insights at the meeting.

AWM Circles – these are small regional groups that meet as agreed per region.

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Our organisation believes that through collaborations, there is plenty can be achieved where gender equality is concerned. We have partnered and in certain instances formed alliances with various government agencies and other non-profit organisations and such as the Black Management Forum (BMF), 30% Club, the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) but to name a few. We are not anti-men and welcome men who recognise and support the advancement of women to key leadership roles to partner with us as the friends of AWM.  We also work with investors, companies and other relevant stakeholders to achieve our mandate.


AWM is the most affordable yet innovative organisation that offers members the opportunity to network horizontally and vertically across different sectors where women professionals can be found.

At AWM, we recognise that women, more so than their men counterparts, face unique external and internal, often patriarchy motivated challenges in their rise to the top. We believe that as an individual, there is not much one can do to control external forces. That being said, we believe there is plenty that one can do to address their own internal battles.

Our organisation sees the value in one investing in their self-development; we encourage and support our members to adopt an inside out approach to life instead of the other way round.

At the risk of sounding too simplistic, we provide various resources that assist members to unlearn limiting, self-doubt beliefs by imparting PRO-women and PRO-success principles designed for PROfessionals in various forms.


Joining the movement is as easy as completing your details here! We have tried our best to keep the form short and simple though it is important to note that there is basic information we require in order for us to serve you better! Another alternative to joining the movement is to complete the application form and email it to member@awmovement.org.

If you feel that some of your questions have not been addressed above, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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